Medical Equipment Technician (Basic Clinical Equipment): in the Healthcare Industry is also known as a BioMedical Equipment Technician (Basic Clinical Equipment) (BMET), Service Technician, Biomedical Electronics Technician, and Biomedical Engineering Technician (BMET)

Brief Job Description: Medical Equipment Technician (Basic Clinical Equipment) install, maintain and repair patient care equipment. They perform inspection, installation, and preventative maintenance of general clinical equipment, including appropriate documentation for all service activities and training the hospitalstaff.

Personal Attributes: Medical Equipment Technician (Basic Clinical Equipment)should have the ability to understand and follow complex technical instructions, ability to pay close attention to detail, ability to effectively use computer applications, familiarity with the techniques of maintaining a filing system, accuracy, dependability, meticulous, communicative, a passion for helping people, experience in medical environment and terminology..

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