An Elderly Caretaker (Non-Clinical) in the Informal sector is one of the most crucial
operational roles in the domestic worker segment taking care of an elderly person
who may or may not have any disability but will not be bed-ridden.

Brief Job Description: The primary role of the elderly caretaker is to assist elderly
person in day to day activities such as ambulation, eating, dressing, toileting,
grooming and in running errands .Assist in sanitation and housekeeping duties of
elderly person’s room and create and maintain hygienic and pleasant work

Personal Attributes: This job requires the individual to be fit and energetic The
person should be attentive, empathetic, dedicated and trust worthy. The person
should possess effective and compassionate communication with client, family, and
co- workers. The individual should have enthusiasm for the work they do and those
in his/her care.

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