About NISD Academy of Teacher Training

NISD SCHOOL OF TEACHER TRAINING Is A Unit of NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT Focussing On Teacher Training Courses As Well As Courses Related To Child Care Taking.


With the vision of making teachers trained in the field of training of kids the NISD SCHOOL OF TEACHER TRAINING Has Been Established.


Introducing children to the school atmosphere is what nursery classes are there for. The toddlers who have been confined within the four walls of their homes and heard only the voices of their parents and siblings so far are made familiar with a classroom for the first time. They have to understand that this is the place they are going to learn all about the world, make friends that may or may not last a lifetime, pass the hurdles of life in the form of exams and, create memorable experiences that they are going to cherish for the rest of their lives. They have to realize that this is where they are going to learn the meaning of life at large and, how to become well-rounded individuals, completely capable of taking care of themselves as well as others.


           After completion of this course, candidates may get opportunities in fields like


           1. Academic Institutions

           2. Day Care Centers

           3. Children Hospitals

           4. Anganwadis, and Community Health Centers etc.

           5. Pre- Primary Teacher

           6. Academic Coordinator

           7. Caretaker

           8. Home Tutor

           9. Centre Coordinator etc.