Radiology Technicians are trained to use advanced radiographic equipment such as CT Scan(Computed Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) along with basic X-Ray equipment for creating images of a patient's internal anatomy. These images are used by doctors and specialists to aid in diagnosis of illnesses and injuries. There is a huge demand for Radiology Technician in India and hence in the radiology Technician training provided by RMC Paramedical, They are trained to a proficiency level wherein they are able to comply with safety regulations involved in the use of radiography equipment while on the job.


DRIT 10+2 1 Year
ADRIT 10+2 2 Year
BRIT 10+2 3 Year
BRIT (LE) (10+2) + DMLT 2 Year


After the completion of Radiology Technician course, these individuals receive the Radiology Technician certification, which opens huge job prospects for them.

1. Radiographer
2. MRI Technician
3. CT Scan Technician
4. Radiology Technician
5. Application Specialist

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