Optometry includes eye and related structures, as well as vision, visual systems & vision information processing in humans. Optometrists are primary health care providers for the Diagnosis, management and treatment of the Eye Diseases, Refractive Disorders.
Students can specialize in the field of Contact Lens, Orthoptics, Low Vision Aids, Sports Vision, Pediatric Optometry, Behavioral Optometry etc. The course is career offering in nature and opens many scopes for the applicants both in Private and Government Sectors.


Certificate in Optometry 10th 1 Year
Certificate in Optometry 10+2 1 Year
Advance Diploma in Optometry 10+2 2 Year
Bachelor in Optometry 10+2 3 Year
Bachelor in Optometry (LE) (10+2) + Diploma in
2 Year


CAREER PROSPECTS Ophthalmologist/ Optometrists An Optometrist has different vocation openings. They can work on a free premise by setting up their own eye facility, optical shop, lens manufacturing unit and so forth. They can also work with Optician Showrooms, Eye Doctors, Contact Lens and Ophthalmic Lens Industry, Hospital Eye Departments etc. Optometrists can likewise look for work with any MNC's dealing in eye care products as an expert service executives or take up teaching jobs as a profession.
They can seek advanced education in the field of Optometry. Optometrists could likewise take up the work of occupational health professionals in the vision care of industrial specialists. One can also join established optical shops and firms fabricating focal lens and ophthalmic instruments. Optometry professionals can also do marketing role within vision care sector. They may market lenses, ophthalmic instruments etc.

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