National Skill Development Corporation run multiple Skill Development Projects mentioned here:




3) Udaan





1. PMKVY                                                                                                                                                  

About Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) is the flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) implemented by National Skill Development Corporation. The objective of this Skill Certification Scheme is to enable a large number of Indian youth to take up industry-relevant skill training that will help them in securing a better livelihood.


2. PMKVY-RPL:                                                                                                      

About Project:

Recogonition of Prior Learning commonly known as RPL largely refers to an assessment process used to evaluate a person's existing skill sets, knowledge and experience gained either by formal, non-formal or informal learning.

In Feb 2020, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Ministries of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to jointly undertake upskilling and certification of 450 Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council  service  on good servicing practices and knowledge of alternative refrigerants to ozone-depleting chemicals. The project will be funded under the Skill India Mission – Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) and will be jointly implemented by B&WSSC and Ozone Cell.

National Institue Of Skill Development:

As National Institue Of Skill Development is a Training Partner with Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council and undergone Training of about 450 candidates under PMKVY-RPL of Assistant Beauty Therapist in 2 states i.e Haryana, Punjab,  and contributed with B&WSSC to achieve the target.





Vocational training needs to be made aspirational to transform India into the skill capital of the world. In line with the same, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship ( MSDE ) intends to establish visible and aspirational Model Training Centres ( MTCs ) in every district of the country. NSDC is the implementation agency for the project.

Objectives of PMKK Centers:

  • Create benchmark institutions that demonstrate aspirational value for competency-based skill development training.
  • Focus on elements of quality, sustainability, and Connection with stakeholders in the skills delivery process.
  • Transform from a Mandate-driven footloose model to a sustainable institutional model.

These training centers will be state-of-the-art Model Training Centres, called as Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra ( PMKK ).

Guidelines Download Link                                                                                                                                                                                    
PMKK Guidelines                                                                                      https://www.nsdcindia.org/sites/default/files/files/PMKK-Guidelines-December-2017.pdf
Standalone Spoke Guidelines for Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra  https://www.nsdcindia.org/sites/default/files/files/Standalone_Spoke_Guidelines_for_Pradhan_Mantri_Kaushal_Kendra.pdf
Hub & Spoke Guidelines  https://www.nsdcindia.org/sites/default/files/files/Hub_Spoke_Guidelines.pdf
PMKK Branding Guideline February, 17th 2020  https://nsdcindia.org/sites/default/files/files/PMKK_BRANDING_GUIDELINE_17th_Feb_2020.pdf
PMKK Disbursement & Operational Guidelines  https://nsdcindia.org/sites/default/files/files/PMKK-Disbursement-and-Operational-Guidelines.pdf

NSDC will provide a concessional secured loan funding per center, up to 75% of the project investment, to cover expenditure only related to:
Capital ExpenditureFunding Support

  • Training infrastructure including the purchase of plant, machinery & equipment
  • Training aid and other associated items
  • Civil work including setting up prefabricated structures and retrofit existing structures

Operations Support

The sustainability of the centers will be assured against dedicated training numbers under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY) or its successor schemes (any other scheme under MSDE or NSDC). Each PMKK will be assured a training mandate for three years, under the PMKVY scheme, as per common norms, subject to capacity, and utilization of the center.

For More Information About PMKK Visit Official Website of NSDC: Click Here




Udaan is the Special Industry Initiative (SII) funded by the Ministry of Home Affairs and implemented by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) focused to provide skills and Job Opportunities to the youth in Jammu & Kashmir. Udaan is a partnership project between Corporates, NSDC, Youth of J&K.

The target of Udaan to reach 40000 youth in Jammu and Kashmir over a period of 5 Years.

Objectives of Udaan:

♦ To address the needs of the educated unemployed in J&K.

♦ To provide skills and Job Opportunities to the youth in Jammu & Kashmir.

♦ To encourage corporates to travel to J&K meet with the youth and hire aspiring youth in J&K who wish to explore the opportunity to work with corporates.

♦ To overcome the skill gap.


Process for Training Partners:

Training partner corporates submit a proposal to NSDC ►Proposals are evaluated and approved by Proposal Approval committee of Udaan ► Candidates from Jammu and Kashmir register on the website ►Training Partner corporates identify and select candidates through the website and selection drives.

Process for Training Centers and Students:

Selected candidates are requested to join Udaan partners training centres

Candidates will undergo rigorous training, ideally between 3 to 6 months

A candidate once joins an Udaan training programme is not permitted to undergo any other Udaan training programs in any other corporate

At the end of the training, candidates are assessed based on their training for a job position


Benefits for Trainees:

♦ One way travel costs will be reimbursed

♦ A stipend will also be provided to the candidate during the training period.




NAPS is a scheme of Government of India to promote apprenticeship.

Launched on 19th August 2016.

For More Information:- https://youtu.be/XSwi1DTgzn4 


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